Awesome .IFP - More images!

What is up, guys. I'm beeing inactive because of my wooden PC and I can't make a normal video presentation. You could say: make screenshots. But there is one thing you need to know - animations is the movement! So, I can't just take screenshots, because you won't see an actual anim. But here is the new animations wich will be in the V3 of this project. It's the freeway and wayfarer idle animations. There is no movement in this anim, so this is good for taking screenshot, but most of the anims are movement. But don't worry, guys, I'm getting a new PC this weekend (probably) and I'm gonna make a video presentation, also you will get more awesome news from me, not just Awesome .IFP V3. Just be patient. :)

EDIT: Won't get a new PC this weekend (f*ck). Maybe after two weeks. :/