Merry Xmas!

Hello everybody and today I want to say MERRY CHRISTMAS for you all. :)

I just released one image with a stances presentation wich will be in the Version3 of the Project: Awesome .IFP !! Maybe you were hoping that I release the whole 3rd version today, but no, sorry. I just couldn't finish it so fast. Anyway, enjoy the picture and wait for more news. :)


ModDB for Project "Awesome .IFP" official page created!

Hello everyone,

I've been freaking inactive last months, but now I think I'm back. But like always - I don't promise anything. I just started to work on the famous project-modification "Awesome .IFP" version 3! Yeah! Also like I mentioned in the title - now I created the official ModDB page for this modification. So the V3 of this mod is coming soon. I'm gonna post a video or some images of the progress maybe. So hope you are exicited and you are waiting for this modification. Maybe it'll be the Christmas present? I don't know, you will see.

Bye for now,