Project: Awesome IFP V2

Awesome IFP Version 2 includes Linevariy's animations "4ni to SA", Afasrock's "Niko Bellic anims", SASMod (shooting with rifle and shotgun), also animations made by me (Gedimas). In this version there are much more anims made or edited by me. Also some anims are in GTA IV style, like men's stance are in Johny's from TLAD (The Lost and Damned) style or just woman stance is in IV style too. All modded anims were showed in the videos (v1 and v2), so don't worry - if you're going to download this animation mod, you'll get what you saw in the videos.

Click here for more info and the download link: http://gedimods.blogspot.com/p/project-awesome-ifp.html