I want to show you Best Blogs of Mods!

Hello everybody. I want to introduce this awesome site - www.bbofmods.ru. This site is created by AnRi (russian modeler) and now I'm in his team. So as you can see there are skins by me in that site. Also you can find other epic skins by other authors there.
So enjoy "Best Blogs of Mods" and follow the news there and watch if there are some new skin-mods!


  1. how to download in bbofmods.ru

  2. There is "Скачатъ" button over the image of the skin. If I am right, you need to be registered.

  3. Denise L. please...

  4. What about DeniseL? It'll be released later and it'll be a bit remaked, with more HD body parts or whatever. So be patient and wait for it. :)


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