Merry Xmas!

Hello everybody and today I want to say MERRY CHRISTMAS for you all. :)

I just released one image with a stances presentation wich will be in the Version3 of the Project: Awesome .IFP !! Maybe you were hoping that I release the whole 3rd version today, but no, sorry. I just couldn't finish it so fast. Anyway, enjoy the picture and wait for more news. :)


ModDB for Project "Awesome .IFP" official page created!

Hello everyone,

I've been freaking inactive last months, but now I think I'm back. But like always - I don't promise anything. I just started to work on the famous project-modification "Awesome .IFP" version 3! Yeah! Also like I mentioned in the title - now I created the official ModDB page for this modification. So the V3 of this mod is coming soon. I'm gonna post a video or some images of the progress maybe. So hope you are exicited and you are waiting for this modification. Maybe it'll be the Christmas present? I don't know, you will see.

Bye for now,



Sup people.

How you see, I'm a bit inactive these days, because of school and shit. But don't worry, I'll try to make and release at least 1 skin every weekend.
BTW thank you all for following me, subcribing on youtube, liking my page on FB and sooooooo on. Thanks for that and keep doing that.


 - Gedimas


Project: Awesome IFP V2

Awesome IFP Version 2 includes Linevariy's animations "4ni to SA", Afasrock's "Niko Bellic anims", SASMod (shooting with rifle and shotgun), also animations made by me (Gedimas). In this version there are much more anims made or edited by me. Also some anims are in GTA IV style, like men's stance are in Johny's from TLAD (The Lost and Damned) style or just woman stance is in IV style too. All modded anims were showed in the videos (v1 and v2), so don't worry - if you're going to download this animation mod, you'll get what you saw in the videos.

Click here for more info and the download link: http://gedimods.blogspot.com/p/project-awesome-ifp.html


It's time to something different!


What is project "Awesome IFP"? It's a project started by me wich includes nice IFP animations for GTA San Andreas. These animations are good and more realistic than defaults, some of the are in GTA IV style. "Awesome IFP" includes the main anims wich is in PED.IFP file, also other anims wich goes to GTA3.IMG. These animations are not fully made by me, but also includes other anims made by other authors. "Awesome IFP" is specially made for SA-MP Role-Play servers. Ofcourse I'm not saying that you can't use them in SinglePlayer or SA-MP FreeRoam servers or whatever. But these anims are not annoying and doesn't prevents you from normal Role-Play (ex. fall-out from a car is default in this mod and that doesn't ruin your Role-Play or just gaming in MultiPlayer), so that's why it's specially made for RP. Also "Awesome IFP" doesn't make you superior than others (ex. there is no CJ running for normal peds in this mod), as you know mods making you superior isn't allowed in RP servers. So I especially recommend these animations for those people who playing SA-MP and playing on Role-Play servers!

More info here.


I want to show you Best Blogs of Mods!

Hello everybody. I want to introduce this awesome site - www.bbofmods.ru. This site is created by AnRi (russian modeler) and now I'm in his team. So as you can see there are skins by me in that site. Also you can find other epic skins by other authors there.
So enjoy "Best Blogs of Mods" and follow the news there and watch if there are some new skin-mods!



New skins coming soon!

Hello all,
In the previous post I wrote that I am going to update all of my skins (maybe not all, but most of them). So I didn't lied. The first skin was remaked and you will see what the skin it is and will wait for a release.
All downloads of my current skins was removed. New and updated skins are coming, so wait for them and don't worry about the skins which is marked |OLD| (you can see this mark in all of those posts' names).
So, thank you again for a following here and on Twitter, subcribing on YouTube and for everything else. Don't stop doing this and enjoy my skins which you will see soon.


Some News.

Hey people,
First of all I want to say Thank You for those who are following this Blog or me on Twitter.
Second thing - the News. I'm tired of everything these days and I don't know if You see some new skins soon or not. But I have an idea to renew all of my skins and then release them. That means I'll update all of my skins from the first to last by fixing some bugs or attaching some new parts with a better quality. But I'm saying that I don't know if I start doing that or not. So that You will see in a future.
By the way, I think you saw that the blog's URL was just updated from gedimas-showroom.blogspot.com to gedimods.blogspot.com. I think it looks and sounds better than was, and its shorten also.

Thank You all again and don't stop following me, becouse I can't just throw everything, so trust me, people -
this blog can't die! :)

Sorry for my bad ENG. :>