Some info..

The skins are only edited by me. Credits are going to that skins' authors who made them or made their parts and etc. I'm in the last place in the credits list. Ofcourse there are no credits added to the mods, SORRY for this, but I just lazy to do that. I just put the image and the download link. Ofcourse - if you wanna see the credits of some of these skinmods, just write it in the comments. But some of the skins' credits I just don't know.. Whateva' - feel free to comment and enjoy these skins.
I'M A MODELER ANYWAY! I'm editing skins and that changes anything. (:

Sorry for my bad english. :|


  1. Hello Gedimas can you put my blog on your blog
    and i will put your blog on my blog.
    Sorry for bad english.

  2. Hi Tallahase. I can add you to a friends list. :)

  3. que onda gedimas , me gustaria intercambiar baner's que tu me linkeas atu blog y yo al mio que te parece .... avisa cuando linkeas para yo acer lo mismo .

  4. Hey Willy97, I'm lithuanian and I can't understand what did you wrote. :D

  5. Gediman eina labai gera dienoraštį norėčiau keistis baneriai savo bendraamžių jus, ir tada mes esame susisiekti perspėjimai

  6. Jeez. Google translator is really bad. Write it in english, please! (:

  7. hello I would like to exchange banners you say ?

    don't spok others languajes , spaninglish

  8. Oh, you wanna that I add you to a "Friends" list?


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